How To Make Promotional Videos With AI Software 2024

How To Make Promotional Videos With AI Software 2024

How To Make Promotional Videos With AI Software 2024

Creating videos with the assistance of AI technology can streamline the video production process and enhance the overall quality of a producer’s content. By leveraging AI tools and software, users can automate tasks, improve editing efficiency, and add innovative effects to their videos without stress.

AI-powered video creation be it promotional video or entertainment video typically involves utilizing algorithms and machine learning techniques to analyze, process, and generate visual content.

There are various AI software that are of great assistance to creators in the field of video creation. Be you a novice or a veteran this AI software is of great aid towards creating good visuals either from scratch or building on an existing video.

What is AI Video?

An artificial intelligence (AI) video is a video that has been produced entirely by the use of AI software, or it has been started with an existing video clip and then further altered or modified by an AI.

In other words, AI video refers to videos that are created, edited, or enhanced using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. 

AI can be used in various aspects of video production, such as automated video editing, content analysis, object recognition, voice and speech recognition, and visual effects generation. 

An AI-powered video tool or software can help streamline the video creation process, improve efficiency, and enhance the overall quality of the final product. 

In recent times, especially when AI is introduced into most aspects of video creation, many video creators have leveraged the power of AI technology, to automate repetitive tasks, analyze video content for insights, and add intelligent features to their videos.

How does artificial intelligence produce videos?

Making videos with artificial intelligence is known as AI-generated video production. In AI video creation, scriptwriting, storyboarding, scene composition, filming, editing, and post-production processes are only a few of the video production jobs that are automated with this technology. 

A variety of AI technologies are employed to achieve this video creation and the production of videos can be completed considerably more quickly and effectively with AI’s assistance, requiring less human involvement.

In this production, AI software assumes control of the process once a computer program is fed with a script or other input. 

The AI software is capable of producing a storyboard based on script analysis, selecting the appropriate camera angles, lighting, and visual effects, as well as producing voice-overs and music. As a result, the final video often looks exactly like one made by a team of human artists.

The fact that AI-generated video production requires less money and time to produce videos is one of its biggest benefits. 

This is due to AI’s ability to greatly increase process efficiency by automating a large number of labour-intensive, time-consuming, and monotonous operations that are normally completed by human specialists. 

The software may optimize several aspects of the video to produce a more visually appealing and interesting final output, therefore using AI can also raise the quality of the finished product.

All things considered, AI-generated video production is a potent new instrument in the video production industry that promises to completely change the way videos are made and this approach will likely become more common in the video production sector and have a bigger influence on how we watch and enjoy videos as AI technologies advance.

How is AI applied to video?

There are two areas in which AI can be applied in the creation of promotional videos using AI video creator software.

The basic video areas that AI can be applied are:

1. Creating a video using AI from the start

AI text-to-video generators are used across the entire video creation process. Most of the time, compelling films are produced by video creation techniques using input (text, photos, descriptions).

2. Editing or making some changes to a pre-existing video

This entails modifying previously recorded video content using AI. The most prevalent applications of AI in video editing are as follows: improving the image’s sharpness, minimizing background noise, enhancing audio clarity, altering aspect ratio, and smoothing motion. To edit or make changes to a pre-existing video using AI technology, you can utilize AI-powered video editing tools. 

These tools typically offer features such as automated scene detection, object recognition, and content enhancement capabilities. 

By uploading your video to an AI editing platform, you can leverage these features to make adjustments like trimming, adding effects, enhancing visuals, and even changing the background or objects within the video. AI technology can streamline the editing process, saving time and effort while ensuring high-quality results

7 Basic Steps On How To Make Promotional Videos With AI Software In 2024

To make promotional videos with AI software, you can follow these general steps:

1. Choose an AI software

The first step on our list of 7 Basic Steps of making promotional videos with AI software in 2024 is to choose the AI software that best suits the purpose of your video.

There are various AI software available that can assist you in creating promotional videos. However, you need to Research and select software that aligns with your requirements and budget because it is not all AI video software that will be good for all kinds of video creation.

Hence to be able to choose the most effective and efficient AI software you need to first understand the type of promotional video you intend to create, and your audience among others.

2. Gather your content

Gathering your content is the next on our list of 7 Basic Steps for making promotional videos with AI software in 2024. 

At this point, you collect all the necessary content necessary for your promotional video, such as images, videos, text, and any other relevant media. Ensure that your content is high-quality and aligns with your promotional goals.

This implies that you should have visualized what the end production will look like in order to guide you as regards the content or materials that will be needed in a particular promotional video. Having this first-hand information will help to have a smooth production which will in return save you time.

3. Script and storyboard

The next step on our list of 7 Basic Steps for making promotional videos with AI software in 2024 is scripting. Create a script that outlines the key messages and storyline for your promotional video. 

Once you have gathered all the materials necessary you need to script out the idea you intend to present in your promotional video. This will help you to present your idea in a chronological manner making it easy for the AI software to create a concatenation of your idea in video format.

You should also develop a storyboard to visualize how each scene will be presented.

4. Use AI software features 

The next step is for you to employ and maximize the features of your choice of AI Software.

Depending on the AI software you choose, utilize its features to enhance your video. This may include automated video editing, text-to-speech capabilities, image recognition, or other AI-powered functionalities.

When you adequately utilize the features of your AI software, it will give you your desired goal within a short time. Hence we advise that you need to be well abreast with the functionality of your choice software.

5. Customize and edit

The next on our list of 7 Basic Steps for making promotional videos with AI software in 2024 is customization and editing. 

The ability to personalize your promotional video is one of the advantages of AI video creator software. At this stage, you can personalize your video by adding your branding elements, such as logos, colours, and fonts. 

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It is necessary to keep in mind that you need to edit the video to ensure a smooth flow and engaging visuals, especially in a promotional video.

6. Test and refine

The next step on our list of 7 Basic Steps of making promotional videos with AI software is Testing and refining. This stage is also referred to as the Preview stage, where you carry out a rerun of the entire production to check if there is any mistake either from you or the AI assistance.

While previewing your promotional video and making any necessary adjustments. Pay attention to the pacing, audio quality, and overall impact of the video.

7. Export and distribute

Exporting and distribution is the final step on our list of the 7 Basic Steps of making promotional videos with AI software in 2024. 

Once you are satisfied with the final version (after previewing), export the video in a suitable format for your intended distribution channels. This may include social media platforms, websites, or email campaigns.

The advantages of making Promotional Videos With AI Software

AI has many advantages in the video production business, and the field is quickly changing as a result of the technology. We may anticipate seeing an increasing number of companies and individuals use AI as it develops to create compelling, affordable, and high-quality video content.

The benefits of using AI in video creation are numerous and are revolutionizing the field. Here are some of the advantages of using AI software in making promotional videos:

1. Ability to reduce time and expenses of production:

Time is very important in video production, especially in the creation of promotional videos which may have a short time as a deadline for the production. 

The ability of AI to drastically cut the time and expenses of video creation is one of its most important merits. 

This is due to AI’s ability to automate a large number of laborious and time-consuming processes that are usually completed by human experts, improving workflow efficiency.

2. Personalization of promotional videos: 

Another advantage of making Promotional Videos With AI Software is that AI software can analyze user data to create personalized promotional videos tailored to individual preferences, increasing engagement and conversion rates.

3. Efficiency of production

AI software can automate the video creation process, saving time and resources for businesses by quickly generating high-quality promotional content with accurate content for the audience.

3. Data-driven insights 

Another merit is that AI software can analyze data and trends to optimize promotional videos for maximum impact, ensuring that the content resonates with the target audience. Hence make its content more efficient 

4. Availability of Interactive elements

AI software can incorporate interactive elements into promotional videos, such as chatbots or personalized recommendations, to enhance viewer engagement and create a more immersive experience. Making the video interactive. This will give the audience a sense of belonging.

5. Enhancing the end product’s quality

This is another advantage of utilizing AI in video creation. The video’s many components can be optimized by the program to provide a more visually pleasing and captivating result. AI can be used, for instance, to improve a scene’s lighting and color or to add visual effects that would be challenging to produce by hand.

6. Accessibility to everyone

AI has the potential to further democratize the video creation sector by increasing accessibility for individuals and smaller enterprises. In the past, creating high-quality video content needed a sizable team, costly tools, and a great deal of experience. However, anyone with a script or a narrative to tell may now easily produce high-quality videos with the aid of AI-generated video production.

7. Accurate reputation of task

The ability of AI to perform repeated jobs accurately is another benefit for the video production industry espe This can be especially helpful during the post-production phase, as AI can be used to edit videos fast and effectively, saving a lot of time for human editors.

The use of AI software for promotional video creation can free up video producers to concentrate more on the artistic elements of the work, like developing fresh, original concepts and trying out various narrative techniques. 

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Artificial intelligence (AI) may free up creators to concentrate on what they do best, which is producing captivating stories that captivate and amuse viewers, by handling the more routine and technical parts of video production to AI video-generating software.

The difficulties posed by producing promotional videos with AI software 

While there are many advantages to using AI software in promotional video creation, there are also some drawbacks that every user must keep in mind to achieve the desired goal.

1. AI requires high-quality data

The first on our list is the availability of high-quality data. The necessity for high-quality data is one of the biggest obstacles. For artificial intelligence (AI) systems to learn and perform better, enormous volumes of high-quality data are needed. This implies that biased, inadequate, or low-quality data might have a detrimental effect on the accuracy and dependability of an AI system.

This is a great challenge because AI will work, analyze, and give results based on the data given to it without checking the accuracy of such data.

When wrong data is inputted, the user might not notice it till the end of the promotional video. This might lead to a waste of time and resources.

2. Lack of creativity during production

The risk of relying too much on automation is another issue with AI in video creation. While artificial intelligence (AI) can automate many elements of video creation, it cannot take the place of human professionals’ creativity and judgment. 

A video that is boring and lacks creativity can be produced when automation is used excessively which results in a lack of variety and creativity. This will affect the outcome of the production.

3. Lack of emotional expression

Another important drawback of using AI software in making promotional videos is that it might not be able to apply appropriate emotions in the production.

it’s possible that AI-generated videos won’t have the human element required to emotionally engage viewers. Artificial intelligence (AI) can enhance sounds and graphics and analyze data, but it is unable to simulate the human touch that comes from the nuanced details of human expression and interaction.

4. It may cause job displacement

The possibility of job displacement is another issue with AI in video creation. Many actors will lose their jobs since there are some powerful  AI video creator software that can enhance lightning, and sounds, create makeup, and make those that have these skills lose their jobs.

There is no doubt that AI systems will eventually take the position of human experts in several video production-related roles as they become more widely used. 

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Once this happens many people, especially those in low-skilled occupations, may lose their employment and income as a result of this.

5. Fraught with ethical issues 

Another problem with AI-generated video is the fraught with ethical issues, especially in the area of copyright and other privacy laws. For instance, there’s a chance that films produced by AI will be exploited to propagate false information or sway public opinion. 

Additionally, there is a chance that personal data misuse or privacy violations will result from the usage of AI in video production.


Remember, while AI software can assist in the video creation process, it is important to have a clear vision and creative direction for your promotional video. AI tools can enhance efficiency and provide suggestions, but human input and decision-making are still crucial for creating a compelling promotional video.

It is also good to note here that the specific steps and features may vary depending on the AI software you choose. It is recommended to refer to the software’s documentation or tutorials for detailed instructions on how to create promotional videos using their specific tools.

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