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The PreacherMan

My name is Ibeh Chioziem Joseph, an online business and marketing strategist with years of experience under my belt. I have started successful businesses from the ground up and also experienced failures. These setbacks helped me better understand and navigate the journey to success for startups and established businesses. My goal is to see you succeed in your business, career and life’s journey. The sky is large enough to contain everybody, so let’s soar!!!

I will be offering leadership, entrepreneurship, and marketing strategies that will boost your business growth, sales performance, self-worth, and net worth. Knowledge and information are the bedrock of a successful life and business venture. Application of these two will bring to reality what you envisioned from the onset about what your life and business would look like. I will also be reviewing brands and products on this blog, why they are doing well, their failures in the public space and how they can do better.

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Brands I worked with

Nibh non tellus tincidunt

26th December 2018

Life Coach

Life lessons with ageless truths that will help you become a better version of YOURSELF!

31st January 2019

Business Expert

Money is always available to those who have services to render. Find out what you can do to make MONEY!!

24th February 2019

Brand Marketer

When people trust your brand, your paycheck increases. Every brand that is trusted must be SEEN!!!

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