Top 10 Best Web Designers & Agency In Port Harcourt

Top 10 Best Web Designers & Agency In Port Harcourt

Top 10 Best Web Designers & Agency In Port Harcourt

Web designing refers to the process of creating and designing websites for the Internet. It involves planning, conceptualizing, and arranging content, images, and other elements on a web page to create an aesthetically pleasing and user-friendly website. 

Web designers use various tools and technologies to design websites that are visually appealing, easy to navigate, and optimized for different devices and screen sizes. 

Web designers are very necessary today in the life of companies or organizations either in the introduction of new companies or branding and rebranding of existing ones. 

Effective web design incorporates elements such as layout, color scheme, typography, graphics, and interactive features to enhance the user experience and achieve the website’s goals. 

Hence a good web designer must master the basic web designing elements to create a captivating and effective web design page.

Who is a Web Designer?

A web designer is a professional who specializes in creating and designing websites. They are responsible for the visual appearance, layout, and usability of a website. 

Web designers use their creative skills, knowledge of design principles, and expertise in various design tools and software to craft visually appealing and user-friendly websites. 

They work closely with clients or stakeholders to understand their requirements and goals, and then translate them into a well-designed website that effectively communicates the desired message and engages users. 

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In other words, a web designer is an information technology specialist who is in charge of creating a website’s visual style, navigation, and usability. Hence, technical know-how and artistic visual design abilities are essential for a successful web designer. 

Also, a good web designer must be able to envision how a website will seem (its graphical design) and operate (turning a design into a functional website). 

It is a common mistake to confuse the terms web developer and web designer, and vice versa as they are different from each other.  

A web developer is typically a software developer who works with computer languages to construct more complex website interactions, like database system integration.

Web designers may also have expertise in areas such as user experience (UX) design, user interface (UI) design, and responsive design to ensure that the website functions seamlessly across different devices and screen sizes.

Best Web Designer & Agency In Port Harcourt

There are many web designers and agencies in Port Harcourt, but for this article, we will take a look at the best web designers and agencies in Port Harcourt. 

Here are the 10 best web designers and agencies in Port Harcourt:

1. Ibeh Chigoziem Joseph 

Top 10 Best Web Designers & Agency In Port Harcourt

The first and the best web designer is Ibeh Chigoziem Joseph. Ibeh Chigoziem Joseph is a web designer, an expert in cyber security, and a strategist for internet businesses and marketing. 

Ibeh is well known for creating top-notch websites for individuals, businesses, and companies and his expertise in web designing has helped many companies to have an edge over their counterparts.

Ibeh has over the years enabled companies to realize their greatest potential by revealing untapped online development prospects, tactics, and audiences for a very reasonable price. 

Ibeh does not only look for what you will pay but also focus on how best your business can flourish. Hence he advises his clients on how to market their products and services to make a good profit.

With a focus on SEO content, Ibeh has written hundreds of highly ranked articles and has taken top spots on Google.

His Google analytics and integration reports have been the basis for many companies to improve their marketing campaigns, drive website traffic, and better retain visitors on websites he designed and those who employ his services.

He has developed many visually appealing and easy-to-navigate websites for individuals and companies helping them to expand the number of their audience; a few of the many websites created are listed below and you can contact him for your visually appealing and visitor-friendly website for your new and existing businesses.

Web sample

Address: WaterLines Bus stop, 177 Ekaninwo Close, PHALGA, Port Harcourt 500232, Rivers

Phone: 08114180128



2. Ani David 

Top 10 Best Web Designers & Agency In Port Harcourt

The next on our list is Ani David. Ani David has a great deal of experience in digital marketing. He has helped many business owners create a strong online presence as an experienced website designer. 

Ani is an expert in search engine optimization material and has written hundreds of articles that rank highly on Google. 

Web sample

Address: 59 Aker Rd, opposite KnightGold Gas Station, Iwofe, Port Harcourt 500102, Rivers.

Phone: 07018470195


3. Collinz Dezignz Studio

We also have Collinz Dezignz Studio on our list of the 10 best web designers and agencies in Port Harcourt. 

Collinz Dezignz Studio is a design firm that assists and develops brands into collaborative businesses. By employing effective designs to convey the brand’s core values to the intended audience, Collinz also assists her clients in brand marketing. 

Among the things the company offers are website design, business cards, and logo design services.

Web Sample


Address: Old Refinery Road, opposite Galilee Hotels, Umurolu, Port Harcourt 500272, Rivers

Phone: 09061647950


4. Eloti Designs Nigeria

Top 10 Best Web Designers & Agency In Port Harcourt

Eloti Designs is a high-quality website design firm located in Port Harcourt, Nigeria, that offers excellent web services to both individuals and companies. 

Eloti Designs is a high-end design firm that prioritizes creativity, quality, and quickness. To help their clients’ businesses expand, Eloti employs modern technology and they are proud of their excellent work ethic and final product. 

Over the years, Eloti’s services for web development and digital marketing have been extensive. 

Eloti also offers services in web development, and social media marketing aside from the Web design services that it is known for. Eloti also offers services of setting up TV and radio online for its clients.

Web Sample


Address: No 7 Nathaniel St, Rumuibekwe, Port Harcourt 500102, Rivers

Phone: 08036140158


5. Brandwone ICT Solution 

Top 10 Best Web Designers & Agency In Port Harcourt

The next on our list is Brandwone ICT Solutions. Brandwone offers a well-structured and dynamic website design in Port Harcourt, as well as a content management system (CMS) and database for data storage, easy access, data integrity, and report production efficacy. 

Brandwone’s whole service package comprises website design, networking, CCTV camera security surveillance, access control, software development, and branding solutions. The company builds websites, online storefronts, and e-commerce websites for clients around Nigeria.

Brandwone is the leading web and website design business in Port Harcourt, offering complete web development, hosting, CCTV surveillance camera, and networking solutions. Brandwone creates online e-commerce stores for clients across Nigeria. 

The company also provides you with a fresh new website design that is simple to navigate making it easy to convey to potential consumers that your company or business is competent and reliable.

Web Sample

Address: Suite 22, Ejike Plaza, 24 Old Aba Road before Woji Junction by Artillery (Next to Konga), Port Harcourt, Nigeria.

Phone: 07063054631


6. Lightech-I.T firm

Top 10 Best Web Designers & Agency In Port Harcourt

Lightech is an innovative and creative IT agency based in Port Harcourt, providing comprehensive IT services such as web design, digital marketing, branding, software development, IT security solutions, and more.

Lightech Information is very much dedicated to assisting clients in building stronger, more flexible, and inventive businesses, driven by the company’s enthusiasm and hard work. 

At Lightech I.T. Firm companies are empowered globally to optimize their operations, manage costs, and invest in innovation, unlocking new potentials throughout their organizations. 

Web Sample

Agency Home

Address: Suite C2, Lenu Plaza, Gra Phase II, Port Harcourt 500101, Rivers

Phone: 08148105456/ 08088568155


7. Igrace Mediatech

We also have Igrace Mediatech on our list of the 10 best web designers and agencies in Port Harcourt. Igrace Mediatech, is a top online design, digital marketing, and search engine optimization agency. 

The ultimate focus of Igrace Mediatech is to deliver IT services and solutions that assist in simplifying and expanding clients’ businesses. 

At Igrace Mediatech, customer satisfaction is the first concern and they are committed to meeting all of their clients’ needs. The company combines managerial professionals with a big pool of highly skilled and experienced online and mobile app developers to give world-class services to their clients.

Web Sample


Address: Road 5 First Avenue, New Road, Ada-George Road, Port Harcourt 500102, Rivers

Phone: 07061396843


8. Lentarex Limited

Next on our list is Lentarex Limited. Lentarex Limited was founded by King who is a well-known designer and developer with extensive knowledge of computer science. 

He has earned certifications from Goldsmiths, University of London, in Digital Marketing Management, Advanced Styling with Responsive Design, Drupal CMS Development, and University of Michigan, USA. Hence, his methodical approach to creating rich consumer experiences speeds up and improves the efficiency with which clients enter the market. 

King, has been using his skills in corporate identification, branding, and design for over ten years, working with prestigious customers across several industries, including the US Government. King is passionate about creating concise, compelling, and successful communications and is dedicated to keeping things simple.

Web Sample

Address: 219 Port Harcourt – Aba Expy, Obia, Port Harcourt 500102, Rivers 

Phone: 09024246195



Top 10 Best Web Designers & Agency In Port Harcourt

We also have Techzorn on our list of 10 Best Web designers and agencies in Port Harcourt. Techzorn is a technology company that specializes in digital services, including content creation, blogging, web design, web development, search engine optimization, and development of apps, etc. 

Techzorn is focused on providing services to the appropriate individuals who are primarily small company owners and organizations that desire an online presence but find it challenging to obtain.

The primary drive of Techzorn has been to create a dynamic, modern website that meets the needs of its clients. This began by creating logos and flyers for business owners, but soon realized the importance of business growth. Hence the company started providing updates on how to build your business across many platforms, as well as tips on how to create content for business owners.

The company’s single vision is to become the top technology company that drives business growth. The company also has skilled teams ready to transform business ideas into technically driven reality.

Techzorn also performs the following for her clients: Website design, domain and hosting purchase, hosting integration, WordPress installation, plugin buying and integration, theme and template resale, 

Address: Mile 4, Port Harcourt, 500002, Rivers

Phone: 09056259884


10. Betaconversion

We also have Betaconversion on our list of best web designers and agencies in Port Harcourt. 

Betaconversion is a Website Development company in Port Harcourt Nigeria, known for developing high-converting websites for small and medium-sized business owners with the focus of promoting their business through the internet. 

Over the years, Betaconversion has assisted many companies and individuals in solving web and online marketing problems. 

This great company provides website design and development, Facebook & Instagram Advertising, Google advertising, and Copy-writing, services to desirous clients inside and outside Port Harcourt. 

Aside from taking web designing jobs for clients, Betaconversion is also into Application development, Software development, and Mobile app development among others.

Web Sample

Address: 223 Ikwerre Rd, Mile 3, Port Harcourt 500265, Rivers

Phone: 0903 970 9276

10 basic skills needed as a Web Designer?

There are 10 basic skills that a good web designer must possess to soar in the web designing field.

Here are the 10 basic skills required of a web designer:

1.  Visual Style

Visual style might be everything from color theory to typography to proportions to grid systems. Making mood boards, and type hierarchy. A good web designer must be well-skilled to employ the appropriate visual elements for the site being developed.

2. UX

User experience, or UX, refers to the feelings people have (e.g., calm, annoyed, etc.) when using a website. UX design is primarily about approaching your designs with the user in mind. How can you create a website design that makes it easier for users to find exactly what they need?

3. Software for Web and Graphic Design

As with any craftsman, having the proper equipment is essential for web designers to accomplish their jobs well. Understanding industry norms for graphic and online design will be beneficial in every situation and essential in many ways.

4. Time Administration

Another important skill is time administration. To succeed as a web designer, you must manage your time effectively and complete all of your assignments, regardless of whether your goal is to work for a corporation or as a freelancer. This can entail learning how to use calendars and task lists on productivity applications, or if you work for a large company, learning how to use Trello or JIRA for project tracking. 

5. Proficiency in Communication

Effective communication and maintaining current trends are two more essential qualities for a designer. Without effective communication, creating websites is not a viable source of income. Along with providing clients with updates on the status of their projects, you’ll also need to pitch ideas and provide explanations for your work. 

6.  Social media, digital marketing, and SEO

A marketer or salesperson might be better suited for the skill set of social media, digital marketing, and SEO than a web designer. However, since a lot of businesses now sell online, you should familiarize yourself with them as well.

7. Client and Business Management

Furthermore, knowing the bottom line as a freelancer or employee will enable you to ensure that your business is sustainable and lucrative. You don’t have to return for your MBA, but to make the most of your employment, you should be aware of the objectives and financial situation of your company or your employer. 

8. Teamwork and research skills

Web designers collaborate as a team to complete their tasks. Web designers who want to succeed in their developer professions must be able to work together to accomplish projects. They should also be proficient at conducting research and producing relevant results.

9. Knowledge of Basic design tools

As a designer, you must be familiar with key programs such as Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop to enable you to explore the creative canvas.

10. Web Accessibility

Legally, we have the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and the World Wide Web Consortium’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG). These aren’t just ideas; they’re often necessary. If we do not follow them, we risk getting into legal difficulties and severely damaging our professional reputation. So, studying and executing these rules is critical for any web developer today.

However, it is not only about following the rules. There is a significant moral component to web accessibility. Consider this: the Internet provides access to education, career prospects, and the ability to stay connected with people. Making our websites accessible to everyone is more than simply a kind gesture; it is a means to ensure that everyone has an equal opportunity to enjoy all of the amazing things the internet has to offer. It is about becoming an ethical web developer and contributing to a larger movement for digital fairness. So, online accessibility is no longer a niche topic; it is a core skill that you must master!


In conclusion, hiring a top website designer like Ibeh Chigoziem Joseph is essential if you want to differentiate your company from the large corporations in Port Harcourt with a strong online presence. 

Your website is an essential component of your whole marketing plan since it frequently serves as the initial point of contact between potential clients and your business. 

To make sure that your company stands out from the larger businesses in Port Harcourt, work with a website designer who is not just technically skilled but also has a thorough understanding of the unique requirements of your sector such web designer like Ibeh Chigoziem Joseph. 

A well-designed and functional website is essential for drawing in and keeping clients, regardless of the size of your company.

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