TapSwap: Is This Real Or Another Fluke Or Scam?

TapSwap: Is This Real Or Another Fluke Or Scam?

TapSwap: Is This Real Or Another Fluke Or Scam?

It’s everywhere on the internet, social media and native media talking about the new trend TAPSWAP. People are becoming enlightened about the possibilities and opportunities in WEB3, P2P, Blockchain and so on. Cryptomining is no longer a myth, as many youths and middle-aged are now invested. Let’s talk about TapSwap, the most common and soon-to-be-listed coin in the crypto world as the news has it.

What Is TapSwap?

TapSwap: Is This Real Or Another Fluke Or Scam?

TapSwap is a DeFi (Decentralized Finance) platform and token operating primarily on the Solana blockchain, known for its low transaction fees and high throughput. The TapSwap platform aims to create an ecosystem that supports trading, mining, staking, and governance, allowing users to engage in various financial activities while benefiting from the platform’s decentralized nature.

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The native token of the TapSwap platform is the TAPS token. This token has several uses within the ecosystem, including paying for transaction fees, withdrawals, and listing fees on the platform. TAPS tokens can also be earned through the platform’s “learn and earn” and “refer and earn” programs, fostering community engagement and growth​

The total supply of TAPS tokens is set at 1 billion, with a distribution plan that allocates 50% to community members, 30% to platform development and marketing, 10% to the development team (with a four-year lock-up period), and the remaining 10% to advisory roles, marketing, and liquidity enhancement​

TapSwap initially launched its beta product targeting the Kenyan market, allowing users to trade Bitcoin using M-Pesa, a mobile money service. The full platform, expected to launch globally in late 2024, will support a broader range of cryptocurrencies and offer features such as crypto transfers, staking, a launchpad for new projects, and educational resources​

Who Founded TapSwap?

The founder of this cryptocurrency is still unclear as rumours have it that a 12-year-old boy designed the popular app that functions on Telegram, CHECK IT OUT HERE. However, resources reveal a TapSwap owned by a blockchain and investment professional, Kibiru Muthaka, CFA until now we have yet to confirm his ownership of the viral tapping system for crypto mining. With this detail, we will leave this post open for an update as we keep researching who founded the very popular TapSwap app.

Is TapSwap A Scam?

It is certainly not a scam!! However, it could be a waste of time and effort if it is not eventually listed. What is there to lose? You were not required to register or pay any fees. So why not give it a shot?

How Can I Covert It To Money?

TapSwap: Is This Real Or Another Fluke Or Scam?

This is the question on the lips of millions of users who have no understanding of the blockchain and crypto industry. Many people are in it for the quick money as a possibility of realizing that is imminent. But crypto mining of new coins can sometimes be shady. This is because not all the coins get enlisted and accepted into the market. The beauty of this is that it is FREE to use and it’s as easy as playing a video game on your mobile devices. BitCoin (BTC) which is currently valued at 70,000$ at the time of making this post was once mined for free. The rise in demand and low supply has led to a drastic increase in the value which in turn has given birth to so many others like DOGECOIN, ETHEREUM, and so on.

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To convert it to money is to connect it to the required wallet once the coin is listed it becomes a medium of trade and exchange. Thus as the value increases, the initial miners have the advantage of making more money with less risk than those who will purchase it for trade.

In January 2024, a NOTCoin was listed and those who had started mining in the year before smiled to the bank with their reward for trying out simple tasks on their mobile phones. This made the TapSwp gain massive attention as NOTCoin was not given so much hype last year.

When Will TapSwap Be Listed?

As of today TapSwap is not yet listed but the latest information from their platform reveals that the pool launch will be JULY 1st, 2024 is the possible date. Read it here:

Dear TapSwappers,

🚨We have an important update for you: the pool launch is being postponed until July 1st!

The main reason for this delay is that we’ve uncovered many bots 🤖🤖🤖that earned an unrealistic amount of Shares. To maintain justice in token distribution 💰, we’re taking measures to stop and ban these bots.
Our top priority is ensuring fair allocation of TAPS and rewarding those who’ve earned them honestly. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we work to keep the integrity of our community🙏.

PS. Newcomers, it’s your chance to fill your pockets with Shares, while early adopters of TapSwap might see their whale status soar even higher!

PPS. The information about blockchain is coming

What Is A Pool Launch?

A pool launch is a critical process in the DeFi ecosystem, enabling decentralized trading and liquidity provision while offering opportunities and risks to participants

How Do I Join TapSwap?

Joining the community of TapSwappers as they are fondly called is as simple as doing these 3 things:

  1. Get A Telegram Account and register it on your mobile phone if you don’t already have that.
  2. 2. Click on this link to lead you directly into the platform CLICK HERE
  3. Start Tapping and complete all tasks to earn coins as you play.
  4. Make sure you connect to a verified wallet as it will be made available on the platform.


TapSwap is new and yet to be listed but just like every other coin out there, such as BTC, Ethereum and the like they were all mined for free at the get-go. So instead of thinking about the authenticity of the coin, it is better to mine it and discover it was all a game than not to do so and it gets listed. The world is changing, with technological advancement and AI, making money has now gotten much easier than before. Start Mining NOW!!!!

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