10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software (Free and Paid) 2024

10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software (Free and Paid) 2024

As technology advances and training models improve in this current generation of AI, AI will continue to advance from simple thoughts to voice copying software and self-driving cars.

As civilization exists now, we have progressed from a time when we read about artificial intelligence (AI) that can think, write, and speak like humans to a time when AI with similar powers is all around us and within reach with only a beckon or call.

The market now offers a wide variety of computer voice generators thanks to the development of superior AI and voice synthesis technology. These quick developments have also eliminated the need for enormous quantities of voice samples or extremely expensive machinery when creating voices.

In today’s AI era, it is quite easy to mimic any style of voice you can think of. In this article, we will discuss the 10 Best Voice Cloning Software, with these 10 top voice cloning AI software, any size business or individual can start utilizing the technology to suit their desired purpose however there are various business uses for AI voice cloning software.


Voice cloning is creating a digital replica of a person’s distinctive voice, including speech patterns, accents, voice intonation, and even breathing, by training an algorithm with a sample of that person’s speech, which can be as brief as a three-second audio clip.

In other terms, voice cloning is the artificial imitation of a person’s voice that is produced using voice cloning software. By modifying the data at its disposal, voice cloning software is utilized to do this.

Hence modern AI software approaches may be used to create this synthetic speech, which sounds strikingly similar to a particular human voice. 

In some cases, the average person cannot distinguish between a real voice and a fake one.

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The speech equivalent of a video can be fake, in which the person in the video never actually did the action as it was depicted, all that needs to be done is to train an AI voice model that can read any text in the target voice, developers can construct an audio dataset using as little as a few minutes of voice recordings.

Although there are several ways to incorporate deep learning into synthetic voices, the majority enhance word pronunciation while also capturing details like tempo and intonation to generate speech that sounds more human.


There are numerous Voice Cloning AI software choices available in the world today, many of which have had some level of success while others have seen one setback or another. If you haven’t tried any Voice Cloning AI Software, we encourage you to test any of these 10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software included in this article. Furthermore, each of these voice-cloning AI programs has unique features and abilities. 

Here is the list of the 10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software available:












Synthesys AI Studio is ranked first on our list of the 10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software. The most human-like AI voice cloning software is Synthesys AI Studio. 

Achieving authenticity in the world of synthesized voices is very crucial, and this software leads in this field. The ultimate product is a remarkable voice imitation that flawlessly mimics your unique speech patterns and tones.

The days of generic, robotic AI voices that detract from your brand’s identity are generally over, but thanks to Synthesys AI Studio, your clients won’t be able to tell the difference between your authentic voice and the cloned one. 

The discomfort of synthetic sound-alikes has been eliminated by the transforming experience offered by Synthesys, which also guarantees a pleasing aural experience.

Additionally, Synthesys enables you to preserve the distinctive qualities that give your voice character by capturing the quirks of your accent. The voice cloning experience provided by Synthesys AI Studio is unique since it emphasizes individuality rather than flattening these aspects.

Another advantage Synthesis offers over other voice cloning AI software is that it allows you to customize every aspect of your cloned voice, including tone, timbre, pace, and other aspects so that it closely replicates your natural speech patterns. The procedure is deceptively easy: record a 1-minute voice sample, and then listen to your artificial intelligence voice come to life.

The text-to-voiceover and commercial video algorithms being developed by this Voice Cloning AI Software are cutting edge. Imagine having a natural human voice available to improve your website explainer films or product tutorials in a matter of minutes. With the help of Synthesys Text-to-Video (TTV) and Text-to-Speech (TTS) technologies, your script may be turned into engaging media presentations.

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A ground-breaking trial is also available for Synthesys AI Studio. Therefore, you can clone one voice for nothing to personally experience the transformational powers. Without taking any chances, experience the unrivalled quality, inventiveness, and authenticity that only Synthesys AI Studio can provide.

Features of Synthesis AI Studio:

  1. Choose from a large library of professional voices: 34 Female, 35 Male
  2. Create and sell unlimited voiceovers for any purpose
  3. Extremely lifelike voices unlike competing platforms
  4. The choice of emphasizing specific words to be able to express a range of emotions like happiness, excitement, sadness, etc.

You can visit Synthesys at: https://synthesys.io/


10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software (Free and Paid) 2023

Eleven Labs is also included in our list of the 10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software. Synthetic voices have come a long way since they were first developed, going from basic robotic tones to incredibly lifelike and distinctive sounds. Thanks to a combination of machine learning and artificial intelligence algorithms, the most recent synthetic voices from Eleven Labs sound more and more like actual speech.

With just a 60-second sample of your speech, ElevenLabs can develop audio that is so potent that it prevents anyone from speaking.

In the world of voice cloning software, the level of accuracy and uncanny quality of Eleven Labs in voice imitation is amazing. It has remarkable pauses and inflexions that almost exactly match those of the real one.

More than 20 APIs are available in the ElevenLabs API, allowing you to programmatically acquire previously created speech synthesis audio or create new text-to-speech audio with a personalized voice.

Features of Eleven Labs

  1. High-quality audio that mirrors human intonation and inflexions.
  2. Diverse Applications audio that is Perfect for videos, games, audiobooks, and chatbots.

You can visit Eleven Labs at: https://elevenlabs.io/


Altered Studio is the next on our list of the 10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software. Altered Studio is a cutting-edge audio editor that combines various voice AI algorithms into a user-friendly tool. It utilizes local computer resources to run on Windows and Mac locally and online.

Whether you are looking for something a little more conventional, like audio editing, or a little more eclectic, this voice cloning software has what you need. If after attempting any provided option, users are unsatisfied with it, they can use the custom voice function to generate their selections.

Features of Altered AI:

  1. Create a specific voice. It might be the voice of a famous actor, a captivating voice talent, a friend, or a grandparent.
  2. Use life-like Text-To-Speech to add Voice-Over to your content in 70+ languages.
  3. From personal audio notes to long meeting conversations, quick and accurate transcription is just one click away.

Altered AI has a free trial and three tiers of paid services Creator, Professional, and Enterprise.

You can visit Altered AI at: https://www.altered.ai/


Murf AI is the next product on our list of the 10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software because it employs artificial intelligence to make high-quality voiceovers accessible to everyone and easy to use. 

Murf quickly and with little effort produces natural-sounding voices. They can then be applied to almost any industry. 

Murf has several applications in addition to its library of more than 110 voices in 15 different languages.

Users can quickly and simply create realistic voiceovers using the freeware Murf without the need for any specialized recording equipment. 

Features of Murf:

  1. Large library of voices and languages
  2. Expressive emotional speaking styles
  3. Pitch and fine-tune voice tones
  4. Audio and text input support

You can visit Murf at: https://murf.ai/


On our list of the 10 Best Voice Clones AI Software, Play.ht is yet another potent AI voice cloning program. Play.Ht uses AI to produce sounds and voices from Google, IBM, Microsoft, Amazon, and Amazon.com. 

You can download the voice-over as MP3 and WAV files using this application, which is very helpful for turning text into real voices.

With Play.ht, you may select a voice type and either import or type text to be converted into a real human voice. The audio can then be improved with SSML tags, pronunciations, and speech patterns.

An extremely realistic and high-resolution synthesized voice from Play.Ht helps media companies scale and automate content creation. This is effective and ranks high on this list since it saves time and money for businesses that rely heavily on recording audio material.

Features of Play.ht:

  1. Convert blog posts to audio
  2. Integrate real-time voice synthesis
  3. Over 570 accents and voices
  4. Realistic voice-overs for podcasts, videos, e-learning, and more

You can visit Play.Ht on: https://play.ht/


On our list of the 10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software, Lovo.ai is included as well. An AI-based voice generator and text-to-speech software with awards is Lovo.AI. 

Lovo.AI is one of the most reliable and user-friendly platforms for creating sounds that imitate the sound of a real human voice.

By continuously improving its voice synthesis models, this voice cloning AI software has offered a variety of voices, serving several industries, including entertainment, banking, education, gaming, documentary, and news, among others. As a result, prestigious organizations from all around the world have expressed a lot of interest in Lovo.ai, establishing them as leaders in the speech synthesis industry.

Features of Lovo.AI:

  1. World’s largest library of voices of over 500+ AI voices
  2. Granular control for professional producers using pronunciation editor, emphasis, and pitch control.
  3. Video editing capabilities that allow you to edit videos simultaneously while generating voiceovers.

You can visit Lovo.AI at: https://lovo.ai/


Speechify is the next app on our list of the 10 Best Voice Cloning AI programs. This voice-cloning AI can convert any type of text into speech and sounds natural. The software can convert documents such as PDFs, emails, documents, and articles into audio files that may be listened to instead of being read. 

With Speechify, you can choose from over 200 realistic-sounding voices and alter the reading speed with the software.

The text-processing software is clever and can recognize more than 15 different languages. It can also easily transform scanned printed text into audible audio.

Features of Speechify:

  1. Web-based with Chrome and Safari extensions
  2. Over 200+ high-quality voices to select from
  3. 20+ languages & accents
  4. Granular controls on the pitch, tone and speed
  5. Commercial usage rights

You can visit Speechify at: https://speechify.com/


Our list of the Top 10 Voice Cloning AI Software continues with BeyondWords. The voice library, voice duplication, and automatic SSML are the three major services that this software provides. 

The most recent TTS voices from Google, Microsoft, and Amazon, as well as distinctive AI voices from leading voice actors, are now available to consumers. 550+ AI voices, 140+ linguistic regions.

By enabling users to create distinctive AI voices that appeal to the users’ target audience using BeyondWords AI’s state-of-the-art voice cloning technology, the company achieves its goal. They encourage people to employ their voices or work with a voice actor.

To ensure that AI voices say words accurately, their third core service converts text into speech synthesis markup language (SSML) using natural language processing methods. If you’ve ever heard a digital assistant read out something, you should take note of this.

Features of BeyondWords AI

  1. The voice library offers over 720 advanced AI voices across 64 languages. 
  2. You can even commission a custom voice. 

You can visit BeyondWords AI at: https://beyondwords.io/


Wellsaid Labs is the next company on our list of the 10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software. WellSaid generative AI Voices can be used to create voiceovers using the web-based authoring tool.

The Wellsaid tool provides an extensive library of AI voices that are constantly on hand to provide voiceovers as quickly as you can type. 

They provide some of the most lifelike AI voices, regarded as realistic as human recordings, in contrast to rival technologies.

With WellSaid you can select the ideal voice for each training module using this tool. 

Additionally, you may listen to over 50 AI voices in real time, each with a different accent, speaking style, and gender. 

Features of Wellsaid Labs:

  1. Variety of voices available 24/7
  2. Over 50 AI voices
  3. Train pronunciation when required
  4. No talent or studio bottlenecks
  5. Flawless updates and edits in minutes

You can visit WellsaidLabs at: https://wellsaidlabs.com/


The last on our list of the 10 Best Voice Cloning AI Software is Lyrebird. Lyrebird AI descript offers a more comprehensive software suite that includes tools for editing, screen recording, transcription, and other tasks. 

The Oberdub tool, which is part of the Lyrebird AI, uses a short audio sample of a person’s speech to create a digital representation of that person’s voice and It is driven by the Lyrebird software.

Although it has a basic feature and a vast range of potential applications, the main goal of this software is to allow users to convert a real voice into a digital one. 

The software can be downloaded for free, but some features require a membership, which starts at $12 per month.

Features of Lyrebird AI

  1. It can create digital voices from a 60-minute audio file.
  2. It allows users to use the voice clip within their videos or export it.
  3. It offers a text-to-speech feature that narrates any text.
  4. It offers various voices to choose from during text-to-speech conversion.

You can visit Lyrebird AI at: https://www.descript.com/lyrebird


AI Voice Cloning Software has its good and bad sides.

In this present age whatever you do for a job, AI technologies like voice cloning software can assist you in making your work faster and accurate.

However, the potential security dangers posed by voice cloning software are already being seen as people utilize AI to produce customized renditions of numerous individuals and to produce convincing deep fakes of prominent individuals. 


We are faced with technology that provides us power to experience exponential development in the form of AI-enabled voice cloning software, particularly in accomplishing the goal of cloning one’s voice, as with every technical advancement since the Stone Age and the Industrial Age.

There are many voice cloning software as mentioned in this article but we recommend that you try Synthesis AI Studio as it enables you to produce a very close-to-human voice, making it hard to believe it is not a natural voice.

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