Hilda Baci's Brand Will Enjoy These Benefits After Breaking Guinness World Record

Hilda Baci’s Brand Will Enjoy These Benefits After Breaking Guinness World Record

Chef Hilda Baci’s Brand Will Enjoy These Benefits After Breaking Guinness World Record

Hilda Effiong Bassey, also known as Hilda Baci, a Nigerian chef, has broken the Guinness World Record for the “longest cooking marathon by an individual.”

On Monday morning, the cook broke Lata Tandon’s Guinness World Record of 87 hours and 45 minutes. Hilda began the battle on Thursday at 4 p.m. when she turned on her cooker.

Despite having surpassed the record of Chef Lata Tondon in India in 2019, She continued to cook till she set her own record of 100hrs and 40 minutes.

Here Are The Benefits Of Breaking World Record For Hilda Baci’s and Her Brand (My Food By Hilda)

Hilda Baci's Brand Will Enjoy These Benefits
Hilda Baci’s Brand Will Enjoy These Benefits

1. Global Recognition

For Hilda Baci, winning the GWR for longest cooking by an individual, is a lifetime win to place her name in history as one who has made a global impact. As a person, she has registered her name in history and set a record that might likely not be broken anytime soon. The world watched these 5 days’ journey with so much energy and expectations following. Now she has been verified and the former holder even congratulated her for this feat.

How Much Does Guinness World Record Pay?

Although, there is no monetary value attached to this award, According to Guinness:

Contrary to what many people believe, entering the Guinness Book of World Records does not have any type of economic compensation. Therefore, you will not receive a single euro, pound or dollar for breaking a record. However, beyond the money, you do get great recognition, besides the pride of being the best at something. The institution’s own regulations specify that those who beat an existing record, as well as those who set a new record, are not paid anything.

“As the world’s foremost authority on world records, our role is to celebrate the best in the world, to inspire all people, to entertain and to inform,” state Guinness World Records. “For those reasons, we do not pay record breakers for their achievements or for making an official record title attempt. Nor can we cover any expenses, offer sponsorship or provide equipment for the performance of any official record attempt.

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Nevertheless, they are the only authorized body to keep records of achievers who have taken it to become the first, best, and greatest there is in any field. This makes Hilda Baci A Global Champion.

2. Endorsement Deals

Not just as a personality of interest she has taken her brand to a whole new level. Bigger companies and industries are already interested in what she has to offer. Hilda has already started receiving endorsements and ambassadorial treatments from notable companies. This will boost her net worth and business value. When you achieve something as huge as those, you attract the eyes of the big guns in diverse industries to cash into the wave you have created. It is left for her managers to be strategic and make the best out of this moment.

Endorsements help celebrities to maintain status as well as also boost the popularity and awareness of some companies. Now for Hilda to be on a global scale she sure will be a big addition to any company that is in her niche. As it involves food, industries and companies that are in that area would be rooting for her face beside their brand. The beauty of this for Hilda is that all the while her business is carried alongside her name. So she is not just a brand but her team as well who were around to support her.

3. Social Media Spread

Just in 4 Days, Hilda’s Official handles have experienced over 1000% surge with a massive following. Her Instagram page is already hosting a whooping 1 Million followers from less than 100k before this. This spread will open doors for more and more deals that will be rolling out in the coming days. For her brand, she will likely be opening more outlets beyond Lagos state, in the coming weeks.

This should be expected because a brand has been registered in the global space and recognized by the appropriate authorities. Therefore, people will just want to experience eating the meal prepared by a Guinness World Record Holder or brand. With the power of social media, she might soon be invited to compete on the world stage for Global Chef Challenge

4. Brand Trust

My Food By Hilda has now gained massive trust and support. Therefore, they have earned the desired reputation to be a restaurant to compete with, especially in Nigeria. The question of quality is already being answered by the testimony of those who were around to eat the meals prepared by Hilda. They all have something good to say about it including the Governor of Lagos State, Babajide Sanwo-Olu.

A big boost there for the brand and this will leave a lasting impression that she needs to capitalize on and be deliberate to maintain that trust.

5. National Treasure

Who else will be more proud than the parents of a successful child? Hilda has made her nation Nigeria proud and sure will be duly honoured and compensated. if not with money but she should rest assured that major government projects that will have to do with food will have her signature on them. She has now become the face of Nigerian food for reaching such height. She has expressed the strength, resilience, determination and commitment of the Nigerian woman.

She has already become one of the most influential women in the country at 27 years. She has added Nigeria’s name again in the Guinness World Record, just like Kaffy

Final Thoughts

We are proud of Hilda Baci and her latest achievement and wish her all the best ahead. As the fighter and goal-getter that she is, we know she is up for more challenging and record-breaking moments in her career. Business owners must learn from this, every height you reach increases your spread. You might not break a world record, but your last record and see your brand grow to make a world record achievement. With determination, it is possible to achieve anything as long as the heart is willing. SUCCESS IS POSSIBLE!!!

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